Marco Faytong-Haro

Marco Faytong-Haro

PhD candidate in Sociology and Demography

The Pennsylvania State University

Hi, I am Marco. I am a Sociology and Demography PhD candidate at Penn State University. I am interested in gender, health, work, time use, and development. My research focuses mainly on how different gender norms across contexts affect the way women’s bargaining power influences different dimensions of wellbeing: health, income, employment, time use, among other variables. My work is situated geographically in South Asia and Latin America.

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  • Gender
  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Time use
  • Work
  • Development


  • PhD in Sociology and Demograpgy, 2021 (expected)

    The Pennsylvania State University

  • MA in Applied Quantitative Research, 2017

    New York University

  • Bachelor in Economics, 2009

    Universidad Espiritu Santo